Current NoV licenced Packet BBS's in the UK

List is updated with information from the UKrepeater website

Status Callsign QTH   County Post  Locator Reg Sysop Name Amprnet
Active GB7CIP Caterham    SRY CR3 IO91WH #32 G4APL Paul
Active GB7COV Coventry   WMD CV7 IO92FK #29 G3ZFR Roger
Active GB7COW Hartland   DVN EX39 IO70SX #44 G7VJA Ken
Active GB7ESC Blackpool   LNH   IO83LT #16 G0WDA Alan
Active GB7IPF Amersham   BUCKS   IO91RQ   G4TNU Andy
Active GB7JED Jedburgh   BDS TD8 IO85RL #71 GM4UPX Ian
Active GB7LDI Swardeston   NOR NR18 JO02ON #35 G3LDI Roger
Active GB7SAN Glasgow   SCD G69 IO75WU #78 GM3SAN Sim
Active GB7SOU Bishops Waltham   HPH SO32 IO90JW #48 G1GXB Keith
Active GB7YEW Perth   TYS PH2 IO86IH #79 GM3YEW Dave

Current NoV licenced DXClusters in the UK

List is also updated with information from the UKrepeater website

NoV Expires Callsign QTH   Locator Sysop Name
21 Jan 2017 GB7BDX Jedburgh Scotland    IO85RL GM4UPX Paul
8 Nov 2016 GB7HTL Hartland N.Devon    IO70SX G7VJA Ken
18 Feb 2017 GB7RDX Swardeston Norfolk    JO020N G3LDI Roger

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